Faculty Website


Getting Started

Before you can do any of this, you need to request a website be setup for you via the Service Desk.

Let’s get logged in.

To get started you need to log in with your NetID and NetPassword at:


Now that you’re logged in, let’s get familiar with some basics.

Let’s start setting up your site.

Navigate to Your Content list via the admin pages, and click the Edit button for your Settings content.


Let’s examine the different tabs and fields available to you, and what they control on your pages.

Let’s edit some pages.

Navigate to Your Content list via the admin pages, and click the Edit button next to the Biography page.


Let’s examine the different tabs and fields available to you, and what they control on your pages.

Some more details about the Settings tab.

While you can change the Title and Menu Title, it won’t change the url of the pages. For instance, you can rename the Biography page to Home, the url will continue to be www.faculty.msstate.edu/netid. If you rename the News page to Blog, the url will continue to be www.faculty.msstate.edu/netid/news.

The Menu Sort Order uses an integer to arrange the tabs from lowest to highest. The pages by default uses increments of 10.


Go to the Content tab to start adding Content.

Before you can add any text, you first to have to build your page structure. We do this by adding template structures, or patterns, to the page.

Click the Add Page Pattern button.

A window with different page patterns will open. Select corresponding pattern for the page you are editing. 

Tip: You can use any pattern for any page. For instance, you could rename the Biography page to Home, and use the News Page pattern for the structure if you want it to be like a blog/news page.

After you select a page pattern to use, you’ll be presented with some tabs, files, and options to further build your page. You will start adding content patterns which allow you to insert specific elements into your page, e.g. image, tab groups, file lists, cards, etc.

In the following sections of this guide, you can find a reference chart for the different page patterns and content patterns.

decorative decorative

Publishing, unpublishing, and revisions.

Use the Publish and Unpublish feature to show and hide pages and patterns. And if you make any mistakes, use Revisions to roll back to previous versions.


Pages & Layout


Section Row

Call To Action

Biography Page

Awards Page

News Page

Publications Page

Research Page

Service Page

Teaching Page

Content Patterns


Button Group


Date List

Figure / Image


Horizontal Rule

List Group

Tab Group

Text Block

Video Embed


It is not possible to add pages. You are provided with the standard 7 pages: Biography (Home), News, Research, Publications, Teaching, Awards, and Service. You have the ability to show and hide these pages.

No. The only required page is the Biography (Home) page. If you wish to remove the other pages, you will need to unpublish them. See information about publishing and unpublishing above.

Patterns are groupings of components arranged in a way to create a complex element or layout. For example, a Button Group pattern is composed of Button components. A Biography Page pattern is composed of a Content column and a Sidebar Column, and within in column you can other patterns and component like accordions, cards, tab groups, figures, text blocks, etc.

Not currently, but soon! The faculty websites at faculty.msstate.edu is meant to be a more individual focus on the faculty person. We are in the process of creating another website and service that will allow you to showcase your lab or research group.

Yes! Please contact the service desk and provide the NetID of the person you wish to have access to your pages. Please do not give out your NetID/NetPass, or an already logged in browser, to anyone.

Go to your Site Settings and on the main tab is a toggle to show or hide your website on the faculty homepage website list.

Not currently.

  1. Edit your Publications page.
  2. Add the Page Pattern: Publications Page if you haven't already.
  3. Go to the Digital Measures tab.
  4. Check the option enable Digital Measures.
  5. Check the options to show/hide Publications and/or Presentations.
  6. Enter your NetID
  7. Save the page.

Currently we only support pulling in publications and presentations from Digital Measures.